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Xanadu Enterprise Ltd. is a business platform offering a range of consulting, research and business support services to companies looking to enter the China market. The firm has expertise in a wide range of areas, including retail and merchandising management, sourcing, quality, human resource, operations and supply chain management. Xanadu Enterprise’s business service group offers services in market entry, business intelligence, due diligence, retail and sourcing execution, interim management, talent recruitment and business registration.
For companies headquartered outside China, penetrating the China market is an important part of all global market strategy. The China market is large but regionalized, and often without classic leaders in most product categories. The rewards of a successful China presence can be extremely gratifying. In addition to the potential market opportunity, establishing and maintaining market share in China can play an important role in maintaining manufacturing and supply chain advantage, and market share in other Asian markets.
Market success in China relies on three keys: a good product with local demand, a comprehensive market entry strategy, and a strong distribution and sales network. Unfortunately, many companies have failed in their attempt to enter this market. In most cases, these companies fail because they missed a clear market entry plan and long term commitment, and lack of experience in China market.
We support you at:
Fine tune your product mix for the local market
Improve your competitive advantage
Plan your market entry, product launch, sales and customer service
Establish and manage sales channels
Support marketing effort, customer experience, and manage relationships